Will James

Prison Officer

  • Date Joined: 25th September 2017
My name is Will Graham, I am currently thirty two years of age and working as a Prison Officer at HMP Swaleside in Kent. I have seventeen years experience within the coaching side of the game and have worked from the bottom and earned my stripes getting to the level I am currently. I have had to come out of the game for almost a year due to my position as a Prison Officer due to shift work.

I have a wealth of experience in the UK at all levels of the game, as well as working in the US as a Soccer Coach both on a short term and long term contract. I am currently earning lots of money in my current position, however my heart is in football and I wish to return to the game even if it means losing a big chunk of money from my yearly salary.

I have all the badges and qualifications within the game, and have a good understanding of computers and how to submit reports and have worked around professional report writing within several of my previous positions.

I may not stand out on the educational degree side, however my love for the game and knowledge of the game cannot be questioned.

Will James

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