Teshima Atsushi

Head Coach U-16 Myanmar National Team

  • Date Joined: 30th August 2016
Welcome and Thank you for your Visiting!!

I am an experienced Football Coach and Manager from Japan. My carrier worked in Football Federation of Cambodia and Myanmar. The mission of Cambodia was Japan Football Association’s project. Also have experience of working in the J- League clubs for long time as an assistant of Head Coach Marius Johan OOFT (Netherlands) and Wim Jansen.
HC.Ooft is a former Japan Football National Team Head Coach and his assistant Wim Jansen is twice Runner-up of FIFA World Cup.
I’m learning a lot of things from them.

I would like to contribute that cultivate human through Sports, and to build a cheerful society. Because the Victory is to obtain from ability and diligence from certain rules in the characteristics of Sports. Also the process of effort from the defeat can be education too.

My Football Coaching Philosophy,
Those points are very important factors of Football in my opinion.
1. Fun to watch Football. Fun to play Football.
2. Play Football with Identity and Cooperatively.
3. Never give up play till the end.
Fun Football will increase the excitement and the playing motivation. Therefore I thought that, the players could overcome the obstacle.
Football must be decided in the movement. That is always with change in the play has the creativity, and it is absolutely basic to play in cooperation with the team mate. They play is not temporary, it would be that any difficult, but is necessary to continue with perseverance.
These are the pillars of my football philosophy. The built in daily training, able to pave the way to success and believe that my mission follows.
To bring success and good result.
To develop the top players and Team (Include youth players and team).
To design youth development program and project.
To organize for Football environment.
To develop the coaches (Include youth coaches).
To manage the Top Club.
To design for structure of Top Club.

I’m looking for a post of Head Coach or Manager(Director) around Asia especially in Southeast Asia or Oceania and somewhere intensively now!! 
Maybe could you link me to any club in your network?

When you have enough time, could you visit my C.V?

I look forward to hearing from you!

Sincerely yours,

Teshima Atsushi

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