James Callnon


  • Date Joined: 6th November 2017
Current Football Coaching and Performance undergraduate at the University of Chichester. I have always actively engaged on the coaching side of football and achieved my level 1 badge aged 16 and 1 month in 2011. After a serious injury I stopped playing semi - pro football and seeked employment away from football.

Personal life has taught me to be resilient, intuitive and professional in all aspects of my working career. I try to embed key methods and theories of coaching into my personal and as a result, creating a unique, creative and forward thinking environment.

Aged 20 I wanted to further my thirst for knowledge and returned to full time education at university. In my second year at university I have created a new Futsal Club that compete in the BUCS leagues and cup. With this opportunity we have created a unique structure to English Futsal and aim to be a leading university within the next 3 years.

I want to further my experience and abilities at a coaching, management or director level.
James Callnon


  • FA: Coaching Futsal: A Beginners Guide

    Coaching Futsal: A Beginners Guide

  • FA: Level 1 Coaching Certificate

    Level 1 Coaching Certificate

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