Hector Ortega

Fitness Coach in Chinese Olympic Committee

  • Date Joined: 8th August 2017
My name is Héctor Ortega and my vocational commitment to sport and science has lead me to study a bachelor degree in Sport Science at the University of Barcelona. A formation that has been complemented participating in the Touch&Play Immersion Program by Manuel Lapuente.

Currently, I am working as a Fitness Coach and Sport Scientist for the Chinese Olympic Committee and Beijing Sport University with a Spanish work team leaded by Victor Muñoz and Pichi Alonso (first level coaches and ex Futbol Club Barcelona players). Our aim is to train with players that can play for Olympic National Team or in the Professional League in the future.

Furthermore, last season, I worked in a professional football club in China, Sichuan Football Association to prepare the Chinese National Games and other competitions. I mainly worked as a fitness coach, but I also analysed videos of the matches. I dealt with GPS devices and I developed a database with technical, tactical and physical data in order to manage the large sets of data collected in matches and trainings, facilitating the decisions of the coach.

Moreover, during the last year of my bachelor degree I did an internship at RCD Espanyol de Barcelona Academy, where I worked as a fitness coach in the U-12 team. I helped the coach with the conditional part and I recorded and analysed the matches.

As it is mentioned before, my passion for Sport Sciences has been reflected academically with my implication as a participant of Touch&Play Immersion Program after my bachelor degree in Sports Science, where I could get specific education in football and contents directly related with practical use and implementation of technology and methodology for optimizing performance. Currently, I am still cooperating with Manuel Lapuente sharing and analysing the large sets of data in our database.
Hector Ortega

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