Living the American Dream: The Global Premier Soccer Story

  • Northern Irish brothers Joe and Peter Bradley set up their own soccer coaching company in Massachusetts in 2001
  • Company grew and became Global Premier Soccer in 2012
  • Now established as one North America’s biggest coaching organisations, operating in 22 different US states as well as moving into Canada
  • Began a historic partnership with German giants Bayern Munich two years ago
  • Currently recruiting new coaches through Sport Careers

PLAYERS, coaches and clubs are developing throughout North America with the bank of knowledge that FC Bayern Munich provides behind them.

Global Premier Soccer's vision for the future changed two years ago with the revolutionary tie-up with the German powerhouses that has been a game-changer for them in the North American marketplace.

Now GP covers 22 states in America and has started to put a footprint into Canada as they get set to write the next chapter.

The story began in 2001 when two brothers from Northern Ireland, Joe and Peter Bradley, became pioneers of club soccer in the New England region.

They'd worked for another coaching company and they picked up the pieces from that and formed what was at first Massachusetts Premier Soccer.

That firm became Global Premier Soccer in 2012 and now those two Irish lads - one a Harvard business graduate and the other a schoolteacher who was teaching French in the south of England - are major players in North American youth soccer.

At the heart of it all is their love of the Beautiful Game, Joe was a schoolboy international for Northern Ireland and Peter was a talented Derry City player.

These days Joe is CEO at GPS and Peter is Director of Coaching and their
Director of Recruitment Phillip Mitchell said: "This relationship with FC Bayern came because the German club wanted to set a footprint in the USA.

"They spoke with their kit partners Adidas and asked for recommendations for partnerships.

"It had to be a relationship that had some genuine authenticity we could use in the marketplace."

CLOSE BOND: Global Premier Soccer are partnered with German giants Bayern Munich

The success of the partnership since 2014 has seen the bonds between GPS and FC Bayern grow stronger.

Across the USA and now Canada the names are intertwined and Phillip has been hugely impressed by the professionalism of FC Bayern throughout the collaboration.

He stressed: "I have to say FC Bayern have been world-class in that respect.

"The relationship has exceeded expectations at every point.

"The pathway is now there for player development, coach development and club development drawing on the knowledge of one of the world's top clubs.

"So to have that inpouring of knowledge across all three of those elements has helped us enormously across the whole spectrum."

Phillip reasoned: "FC Bayern's rationale is that they are the biggest club in Germany and their fan base and Academy is there.

"Their Academy may be naturally almost all German players but as a global brand they resonate way beyond their own borders "

FC Bayern want to make sure that they are in the North American market and that everyone knows who they are. And we are helping them take care of that as they continue to pour into GPS.

Philip Mitchell- Global Premier Soccer

"If along the way there is the added bonus of unearthing talent to play for the club then that would be awesome"

From the coaching curriculum to Talent ID events to Professional Development to dream trips to Germany to train in the FC Bayern academy the relationship between GPS and the club has grown and flourished.

Phillip and the GPS management team have been hugely impressed by the structured work of their German counterparts.

And he enthused: "They have gone about in a typically efficient manner, everything about them is high-level and professional.

"We have changed the lives of some coaches and players through the FC Bayern link-up.

"Our technical department and the development of the coaches has improved enormously.

"Coaches who spent time with us beforehand were always improving enormously through working full-time for GPS in the States but the partnership with FC Bayern has accelerated that process."

Phillip's area of expertise in recruitment sees him seeking varied skill-sets to help move Global Premier Soccer forward.

That's where the tie-up with Sport Careers comes in as he works closely with our team to source staff from throughout our worldwide client base.

He said: "Our partnership with Sport Careers has been terrific. When you are recruiting for coaches you have to look to broaden your horizons.

"Four years ago our coaching staff was very much Irish, British and North American which was great.

"Yet we looked then at the influence of other European nations and we were all waxing lyrical at that time about FC Bayern , Barcelona , etc. and the style of football and coaching there.

"We wanted to have a look at coaches in mainland Europe, to find coaches who could communicate effectively in English but who could add value to and bring a variation in coaching style and influence to our already strong staff.

"We discovered that Sport Careers had a really European and global outlook.

"They had a client base that threw up surprises, not just a raft of young 19-year-old coaches looking for a start. The CV service they provide for their clientele ensures that a professional resume hits our desk and gives them the best possible chance.

"Sport Careers have educated sporting professionals on their books and we are a club with varied needs from national players down to recreational.

"We need a mix of coaches, people who are natural leaders, influencer's activators and relators "

"GPS looks for coaches with insight and knowledge about the game, experience on the field coaching and playing, humility and a willingness to continue to learn and if we find those qualities in people that is usually a good recipe for success.

"Sport Careers have brought us a wide range of coaches and a good number of those have gone on to be very successful in the organization.

"It's a great fit and they are our one of our key primary sources of coaches' recruitment right now."

LEARNING FROM THE BEST: GPS coaching staff with Bayern manager Carlo Ancelotti

Work for GPS

Interested in joining Global Premier Soccer's high performing team? Apply via Sport Careers at

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Living the American Dream: The Global Premier Soccer Story

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