Champions League Matchday Two: Wednesday Preview

  • Celtic hosts Manchester City in Glasgow
  • Pep Guardiola has won first 10 games in charge of City
  • Arsenal host Basel in Group A
  • Gunners beat Chelsea 3-0 at the weekend

DEADLY: Manchester City's Sergio Aguero

CELTIC face an uphill task against MANCHESTER CITY in tonight's Battle of Britain clash, while ARSENAL will look to take carry on their impressive run of form against FC BASEL.

After two correct predictions out of two last night, Sport Careers writer Matt McGarvey previews the action.

Celtic v Manchester City: Group C

Pep Guardiola brings his star-studded Manchester City to Glasgow in a mouth-watering "Battle of Britain" clash in Group C.

City go into what is their ever first competitive match on Scottish soil as hot favourites, having won all of their ten games so far under their new manager.

Celtic have also enjoyed a sparkling start to their domestic season under Brendan Rodgers, but the 7-0 hammering away to Barcelona in Matchday One leaves Hoops fans under no illusions about the step-up required to compete with Europe's elite.

The home side will be relying on the famous Celtic Park atmosphere to to put Guardiola's men of their stride but, having conceded eleven goals in their last three European games, the Bhoys will have to tighten up at the back to keep out their free-scoring visitors.

Prediction: Manchester City Win

Arsenal v FC Basel: Group A

Arsenal head into their home clash with Basel boosted by Saturday's 3-0 win over Cheslea.

The Gunners also got off to a solid start to their European campaign- a late goal from Alexis Sanchez securing a 1-1 away to Paris Saint-Germain.

Their opponents Basel also drew their Group 1-1. after surprisingly falling behind to unfancied Bulgarian outfit FC Ludogrets at home.

The Swiss champions should not be underestimated however- they are unbeaten in twelve games in all competitions this season and have won four of their last five matches against English opposition in Europe's premier tournament.

With star attacker Sanchez looking close to top form, Arsenal will expect to have the firepower to win on a night which could see the Xhaka brothers (Arsenal's Granit and Basel's Taulant) line up on opposite sides.

Prediction: Arsenal Win

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Champions League Matchday Two: Wednesday Preview

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