• Vishal Varma takes a looks at Pep Guardiola and his influence on Manchester City’s record breaking run

Josep Guardiola. La maquina guanyadora.


30 matches unbeaten, a record breaking 18 Premier League wins in a row, on course for over 100 points and over 100 goals and an outrageous 15 point lead to top things off. Pep Guardiola has well and truly made his mark in England's elite league.

Manchester City have become ruthless with win after win after win. Questions were raised last season as to whether Guardiola could cope with the Premier League, but it's the Premier League that can't cope with Guardiola.

Despite a tough first season, the Catalan stuck with his innovative and complex footballing philosophy. His approach to the game is the same as last season, even after heavy away losses to Barcelona, Everton and the infamous Leicester game, in which they conceded four goals to each team respectively, not to mention conceding six goals in two legs to Monaco in the Champions League Round of 16, Guardiola has finally ingrained his notions into his players.

"I think what's changed is that his ideas have now come across" said club captain Vincent Kompany recently. Going back to the aforementioned Leicester game, Man City were defensively unstable, going 3-0 down after 20 mins, the Citizens were outclassed and badly beaten. But forward one year later, the play from the back hasn't changed, the passing game hasn't changed, the philosophy hasn't changed. The players have now understood and taken on board what Guardiola is all about and what he expects.

And why would a successful manager change after four months into his job? Pep is a serial winner, stats prove this, trophies prove this.

Even from the moment he was appointed Barcelona B manager, Guardiola was winning the league. The most scintillating of first seasons with the Barcelona first team culminated with the Catalan giants first ever treble and a stunning 6-2 away victory at bitter rivals Real Madrid.

Guardiola's Barcelona also became the first ever Club to win 6 out of 6 competitions in a single year. Domestic success continued at Bayern Munich where he won the league title in all three seasons he spent in Germany. His debut season at Man City was the first time in his trophy laden career that he finished empty handed, in what was his 9th season overall as a manager.

The quadruple is well and truly on this season, a semi-final vs Bristol City in the League Cup should see Man City 90 mins away from clinching the first silverware of the season and Guardiola's first at the Club. The Premier League could be sewn up as early as April leaving them with The FA Cup and Champions League knock-out stages to negotiate. Can it be done? There's no one now that Man City cannot beat, no one they fear, history once again beckons Guardiola and if anyone can pull off this sensational feat, it's the record breaker himself.

So, after one year of building and implementing his wonderful attacking style on his young Man City squad, and on the verge of a record winning first Premier League title, Guardiola is coping magnificently. For Guardiola, the footballing machine, it's onto the next one....

Written by Vishal Varma

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